RN.FM Radio Episode 50: Come Meet 8 Nursing Luminaries! Monday, February 11th at 9pm EST

On Monday, February 11th at 9pm EST, RN.FM Radio will broadcast our 50th live episode! We’re planning a real treat for our listeners. During the course of a 90-minute show, eight of our favorite and most popular guests will each be making 10-minute cameo appearances, dropping in to say hello and dish up some of their own wisdom and thoughts about nursing, healthcare, or whatever else happens to be on their minds that day.

So, this upcoming Monday, February 11th at 9pm EST, hosted by Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross, you can expect to hear the venerable voices of these eight nursing luminaries:

Nurse, thought leader and best-selling author, Carol Gino
Nurse, author and New York Times columnist, Theresa Brown
Nurse, author and bullying expert, Renee Thompson
Nurse, yogini, author and founder of YogaNursing, Annette Tersigni
Nurse, speaker, coach, author and radio host, Elizabeth Scala
Nurse, entrepreneur and social media guru, Andrew Lopez
Nurse, speaker, author and communication expert, Beth Boynton
Nurse, author and meditation/mindfulness expert, Jerome Stone

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About carolgino

Carol Gino RN MA is a registered nurse/writer whose more than twenty year career as a nurse included experiences in almost every area of Health Care ie. ICU, Burn Unit, Pediatric ICU, Med-Surg, ER, hospice and teaching. Her articles have appeared in New York Magazine, AJN, Nursing, RN. She has published several books and appeared cross country on TV, radio and newspapers. After her books The Nurse's Story and Rusty's Story, she wrote "Then An Angel Came" about the death of her grandson from SIDS. She was the companion of the author Mario Puzo for over 20 years until his death in 1999. She completed his book "The Family" in 2001. She is still and integral part of the publishing company Star Water Press and still continues writing and blogging on issues in Nursing, Health and Spirituality. She has a special interest in the healing capacities of non ordinary states of consciousness.

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