Carol was “Featured Nurse” during Nurse’s Week at  Nurse’s Network.
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During Nurses Week, we will be featuring a few of our nurse friends who have demonstrated leadership in Nursing!

Today’s Nursing Leader is Carol Gino, nurse, author, and advocate for true nursing leadership. Her articles have appeared in various publications, including New York magazine, Nursing, American Journal of Nursing, and The Chicago Tribune.

Carol, MA, RN, has more than 20 years of nursing under her belt, with experience in diverse areas such as ICU, pediatrics, and hospice. She currently presides over Starwater Press, and has published several books. The most notable book to date is the novel Nurse’s Story, which has been published in 9 foreign countries. Other published titles include Rusty’s Story (also a NY Times bestseller), Then An Angel Came, and There’s An Angel In My Computer.

Although Carol is somewhat famous for being the long-time companion of Mario Puzo, the author of The Godfather, her legacy is even more notable in current times for the support that she lends to the voice of up-and-coming nurse leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs. She has a vision for nursing leadership that extends beyond, and even outside, the scope of traditional corporate nursing professionalism. Carol does not stop at lip service to the respect and autonomy that nurses all over the globe strive to have in full measure, but actively promotes and participates in discussions regarding the importance of nurses, nurse autonomy, nurse well-being, and the state of healthcare today.

Carol was recently interviewed on our own Nurse Keith‘s nursing radio station RN.FM Radio. You can listen to the online broadcast with Carol here.

Thank you, Carol, for your contribution to nursing leadership and education, past, present, and future!

About carolgino

Carol Gino RN MA is a registered nurse/writer whose more than twenty year career as a nurse included experiences in almost every area of Health Care ie. ICU, Burn Unit, Pediatric ICU, Med-Surg, ER, hospice and teaching. Her articles have appeared in New York Magazine, AJN, Nursing, RN. She has published several books and appeared cross country on TV, radio and newspapers. After her books The Nurse's Story and Rusty's Story, she wrote "Then An Angel Came" about the death of her grandson from SIDS. She was the companion of the author Mario Puzo for over 20 years until his death in 1999. She completed his book "The Family" in 2001. She is still and integral part of the publishing company Star Water Press and still continues writing and blogging on issues in Nursing, Health and Spirituality. She has a special interest in the healing capacities of non ordinary states of consciousness.

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