• What Do Nurses Do?

    What I wish the public knew: as a CNA, I am so much more than a butt wiper. I am there when family is not. I hear their fears and disappointment about aging and dying. I'm there to reassure them and help guide them and make sure they do what they can so they don't Continue Reading

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The Hopeful Healer

With uncompromising honesty, Carol Gino strips the TV image to reveal the gritty truths of a nurse’s life, from it’s early, optimistic beginnings to the harsh realities – and incalculable rewards – that sustain her even in the face of a nurse’s greatest professional hazard: burnout.
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The Hopeful Healer shared ZDoggMD's live video.Saturday, May 27th, 2017 at 12:00am

WE have to change the public's perception of Nurses In general. We have to begin to value ourselves as caregivers and stand together against all who do us damage!!

The Hopeful Healer
Nurse Lives Don’t Matter… The horrible saga at Delnor hospital. UPDATE: Send cards and support to: Delnor Nurse, PO Box 394 Sycamore IL, 60178 http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/nurse-raped-tortured-during-inmate-hostage-ordeal-at-geneva-hospital/amp/
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The Hopeful HealerSaturday, May 13th, 2017 at 11:18pm

This is a post I got from a friend this morning...
Maruver Bordonald with Mary Jo Creamer and 5 others.
2 hrs ·
Update on Jack: As many know, Jack was scheduled to have his artificial knee replaced last month. A screw up by the office...

Gwen Smith Prayers on the way.
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The Hopeful HealerSaturday, March 11th, 2017 at 7:12pm

Why Doesn't the Public Know that Nurses Save Lives? We have to begin to step forward and speak up for ourselves directly. The heart of the nurse is a healer. The new way that we can empower ourselves to heal, help, advocate and educate. Click here now carolgino.com to learn...

Laura Hansen Remember the Midwives saved many lives..even when the Docs didn't show up.
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The Hopeful HealerThursday, March 9th, 2017 at 8:46pm

There is a change in place and as the system keeps breaking down we are all going to need each other to serve the patients in the best way. We have to know our value as nurses and help each other in the same ways as we always helped doctors....

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The Hopeful HealerSaturday, January 28th, 2017 at 3:48am

Nurses have been awarded the distinction of being the most trusted profession for years now? Within this healthcare system, how many nurses feel we still deserve this? Why?

Sabrina Ousley The hospitals could not make it without nurses,CNA workers,or PCT's.They are a Dr.s right hand.They carry out whatever the Dr.orders.My daughter has Lupus.She has been in and out of hospitals.The doctors come around for 5- 10 min.and then the rest of care is left to nurses,or PCT,s.These nurses work long hours,but still remain compassionate. I value and appreciate your dedication.
Carolyn Caldwell There are many more good than bad but there are some bad non caring just like any other profession,but the good ones are worth there weight in gold.
Mary Carolyn Englum Durham Yes. Because the federal and state boards of education maintain good standards and so do accredited nursing schools. But for many nurses, it seems to be built into our character, our souls Compassion, trust, empathy. 💕👩🏼‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
Dee White I have been hospitalized five in the passed year. The nurses at Sarasota Memorial Hospital have all been great caregivers and better nurses. I could not have made it through all these health issues without them. Thank you to ALL nurses!
Sabrina Ousley I'm no nurse,but you nurses deserve everything your hearts desire.I commend you,and acknowledge all that you do as essential to a person's getting well.Thank you,All.
Cheray York We are the backbone of patient care! It's in our DNA to be transparent and put patients first, no matter what. Even to our own detriment. That makes us highly trusted!
Connie Sass As an R.N.,,I treasure the help of the unsung hero,, the CNA.They are under paid ,,over worked ,,especially in a SNF,, and they tell us when a patient has gone bad,,needs a medication,,orhas fallen
Patrice Johnson When my husband was in the hospital it's was the nurses I had the most contact with. I never got a call from his doctor, even when he died.
Bernadette Baber Iam a home maker, n the nurses does do a great job, we don't do as much as the do but we do a great job too
Brinda Shy It is time doctors recognize just what their nurses do for them...
Donna Holden-Casey Nurses are the most needed N CNA they need a raise they are all so Awesome thank you all over worked an under paid give them a raise most work short staff an half the time can't find some to share the work
Valerie Wilson Are you gathering info for a fake administration or are you actually going to do something to make a positive change?
Valerie Wilson Nurses are the backbone of the American Healthcare System. Without them it will fail.
Caroline Sutherland Not my sister. Has the largest container with no labels on it, full of illegal drugs. I have seen it.
Joan Schoelkopf I'm not a Nurse but I absolutely believe this!
Brinda Shy Because you are who makes the doctor look good!
Nancy Pitts Absolutely you deserve the award!!!!
Barbara Bell Cooper We are the reason.
Jacki Paul ❤️❤️❤️❣️
Marianne Linda Stokes Menko 👍
Maureen Gromala
Kay Browning Yes nurses deserve all the recognition they can receive.
Bonnie Carle Nobody goes into nursing for fame or money or hours or glory. We are there for the patient.
Cindy Thyberg Yes
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The Hopeful Healer shared The Tech Anarchist's video.Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at 5:12pm

A must listen to.....for anyone interested in the intersection of quantum physics and mysticism....oh, and the nature of God and why Nurses, not robots, should be doing hands on healing!

The Hopeful Healer
Judith Tuohey I am dumbfounded by this boy's intelligence and knowledge! I hope he is being charged and followed.
Isabelle Wiggins Worth listening to!!!!
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The Hopeful Healer shared nursesgadget.co.uk's photo.Friday, January 6th, 2017 at 11:18pm
Karen Cooper Lovely words Dr Mike, huge thank you from me and my colleagues who a lot of the time don't feel valued by Dr's. 👍💜 I believe one of the Doc's said 'nurses were his minions!' Lol Of course, he soon saw the error of his ways 😆😉
Rachel E Sims A nurse saved our newborn son's life by catching something the doctor dismissed and bugging the doctor for two days until she agreed to run a test which uncovered a serious problem requiring emergency surgery! Without her attention and persistence our son would have some major handicaps or would not have survived.
Helen Goode Thank you for admitting that. Most doctors would never be honest enough to say it even though it is the truth. Everyone who works in healthcare has their important part to play supporting each other and no one is independent.
Jacqueline Parker #nursesroar
Wendy Stirling Great words doc. Ones nurses don't hear or feel very often. We are a team and none of us from the domestics to the matrons could do what we do without each other. Thank u for this public pat on the back X 👍🏻
Geraldine Kiely Ñurses are completely under valued. We could not do without them. They work so hard - too hard -12 hours a day. They are not Appreciated enough. No wonder they all go away once they qualify. Shame on the Government -they are to blame.!!!!
Debbie Martinez Wow. Thank u Dorine for finding this for me. I didn't know MD felt this way. In the past we had to stand n give the docs our seat out of respect. It is all re the patient. Doctors depend on us as we depend on the CNAs
Coleen Taylor Bonnette So nice to be appreciated! I have had the privilege of serving the Vancouver, WA community as an RN the last 42 years and will be retiring in 5 weeks, but do RNs really ever stop caring for everyone around them? Had a very difficult time being the patient in the ED this past week as I wanted to help all those that looked worse than I felt. Thanks again. Your nurses are very fortunate to work with you <3
Ruth Marie Knauf Brewer Thank you for this post. So well said. It is encouraging for an MD to be so appreciative of the help a nurse brings to his success. And..IMO, it's quite rare to find a doctor who isn't likely to think of himself more like a "god."
Sonali Sequeira Nurses do a lot.When you are delivering a baby,they are the ones that stay by you all along and do all the unpleasant work.If it wasn't for them,we would not be having the great experience we usually do.Ofcourse I am not in any way saying doctors are not important,however,they both help in saving lives and giving you courage when you have almost given up.A lot of respect to both professions.
Steven Simpson Thank you Mike Ginsberg, all too often myself and colleagues feel so undervalued by some of the doctors we work with. I think anyone who works in healthcare deserves credit.
Lisa McKinney Empey oh wow! Very nice! thanks for sending me this Sarah Piper. Im here at work today on the New year holiday feeling good about what I do and so happy and proud to be a nurse!
Pat Kingsley Appreciate the kind words. Wish more MDs realized nurses can be your best friends or we have ways of getting even. 😉 One thing I learned the hard way was never loan your stethescope to a Resident. He'll "forget" who he borrowed it from. Have your name (including the "RN") engraved on the scope in letters easily read from a distance. The MD will be too embarassed to be seen with it on his/her neck and one of your fellow nurses will see to it you get it back.
Sheila Yemm A very caring thoughtful Doctor to tell in detail, how important nurses are not just to patients but the Doctors as well. Thankyou Dr. Ginsberg on behalf if all nurses.
Jenny Nichols Wow what a man to write those lovely words. Appreciate it so much as have a granddaughter who is a nurse and am so so proud of her ... Thank you MR Ginsburg
Aggy Bailey From an RN from the UK to working in the USA, not knowing anything about heart sounds and being able to read an ECG... I am thankful for learning this on the US side and for alerting doctors to unstable rhythms .
Elizabeth Parker Tedesco Thank you Dr. Ginsberg! It means a lot to hear those words from a Physician with the years of experience you have! I had almost 28 years working in an ER and you meet a variety of Dr.s there. Often with a variety of personalities that you learn to deal which sometimes makes it more fun or it can make it difficult!!!
Kathleen Broderick Great description of what a Nurse is and only one of our duties. I loved helping and teaching other nurses, techs, families, patients and the new doctors. Residents, interns, etc. I always felt like we were on the same team, someone taught me!
Bob Kramer Thank you, You have no idea how much that means to hear someone say that. I loved my job till I retired after 42 years but I have wondered if it was sometimes worth the bilateral knee replacements and the bulging discs.
Judy Edmunds Thank you Dr Mike for being brave enough to be honest. More people (if that's what you call them) in the nhs should take a huge leaf out of your book. Respect sir x
Jo Chapman Thank you for this. I've worked with some brilliant Obstetriciens who became brilliant Consultants. You could tell the outstanding ones, they asked our opinions (us midwives) took that advice, acted on it and thanked us for our contribution. Having said that, they would have been daft not to have listened!
Ann LaRue Puffpaff Thank you, Dr. Mike Ginsburg, for your kind words for our Nurse's. They deserve so much credit for helping the doctors and the patients. What would we do without your dedication to all of us. Thank You! 💕💕💕
Cathy McGeechan Things have not changed since I was a senior nurse We the nurses did go to Drs aid many times and it is so nice to hear it is appreciated at the end of the day we are all on the side of the patient eh!
Margaret Rowcroft After recently being in hospital for an emergency op I can wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote.Doctors get the majority of praise. I believe that nursesshould get just as much , if not more. Thank you for drawing attention to the nursing profession.
Denise Cook Nice to hear that as a nurse I recently had the bad experience of a doctor not having the same views as you. It left me very upset and doubting whether I wanted to stay in that environment fortunately I have worked with excellent doctors who value nurses.
The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful HealerTuesday, December 27th, 2016 at 11:01pm

The Cutting Edge of Nursing--
There should be a special degree for nurses—RN’s, LPN’s, who choose to work at the bedside. Those nurses who have experienced the healing in really listening to patients and noting the changes in their psychological as well as their physical well being.

Jenny Flamish-Clarke For you Marion Connor Waters
The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful HealerSaturday, December 3rd, 2016 at 7:58pm

Hey peeps, I just found out yesterday when I went on Medicare.gov to choose my Part D plan and got only three choices from AARP-- all United Health Care --- They gave me a estimated quote for my meds for 2017 of $15,675 so then I checked SilverScript.com and for...

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