The Hopeful Healer

With uncompromising honesty, Carol Gino strips the TV image to reveal the gritty truths of a nurse’s life, from it’s early, optimistic beginnings to the harsh realities – and incalculable rewards – that sustain her even in the face of a nurse’s greatest professional hazard: burnout.
The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful HealerSaturday, September 26th, 2015 at 6:20pm
Miracles happen and we get to be a part of them! Click the video and listen till the end!
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The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful HealerTuesday, September 22nd, 2015 at 4:44am
I've spent a bunch of time reading and posting to the group smys in the last few days since The View Incident, and I have to say the nurses who are sharing their stories impressed me enormously. Their strength of character, their ability to endure, their humor even when it's snotty, is impressive. That they should never be condescended to is obvious, but that others can't see why, has become even clearer to me. Nurses who care for others are a whole different species. Nursing isn't a job they do, it is who they are. And there no separating the two. They are heroes, and they are channeling helping even at the cost of themselves. In this very self centered world, at this time, they provide balance to the greed and selfishness we see all around us. That they are realizing that they need to take care of themselves too, is wise finally, even though it makes them angry. But even now when most corps are using them as inventory, part of a hospital's budget and mistaking their kindness for weakness, they are the ones asking the most ethical of questions. What about a patients right to die? When is enough enough? Why are we asking for patient satisfaction forms when we know there aren't enough of us to help? Where is the organization that has our back? Why aren't we being allowed to listen and help when it serves the patients? The Health care corps can have secretaries do the charting because the doctors and patients need us more. So much in fact that often we're robbed of the satisfaction of doing a great job rather than just a adequate one. I've read stories of unbridled courage, and leadership that matches that of any firefighter or police person, and yet nurses are almost invisible. And why? Because behind the curtain there still seems to be the wizard with his magic wand or stethoscope. So maybe that's why everybody got upset...much of the public and some celebrities didn't know we had the wands too. And maybe the behind the curtain is really only human and not any better or as good as the nurses who help to serve the patients and fight for them. They didn't know that nurses are a patients hidden weapon. Wow!!
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The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful Healer updated their profile picture.Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 at 2:03am
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The Hopeful Healer
The Hopeful HealerMonday, September 21st, 2015 at 10:49pm
What one thing would you want to fight for?
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