I’m a LPN, Hospice Nurse (15 years total doing hospice) I want the public to know that we do not kill people once they come into hospice or a hospice IPU. It makes me crazy when people say “oh there going to the unit, they wont come back out alive” Um no we do wonderful things like symptom management of every kind, provide a safe environment for those who are in some pretty tough environments, provide a place for someone to die with dignity, provide a home for some, we become family for some that are alone. Society has such a fear when the hear the word “Hospice and Morphine” I would like to change that and I educate others all the time. Its very hard on your heart and soul to watch people decline and then go on to gain their wings. I love my job and would like others to not be scared of Hospice and what it means to actually be a Hospice patient.

- ALM September 22, 2015